Celebrating Nurses | Mary Lue Roark

Hospice of the Miami Valley is celebrating nurses during the month of May! Meet Mary Lue Roark and learn about her passion for nursing as she explains her “why.”
“As a young girl, my ONLY career dream was to be a nurse! There was never another career path option. Life decisions postponed my dream, but I did do short term medical related training/work while working for a chiropractor. In 1990, after giving birth to my second daughter, I decided it was time to move forward due certain circumstances. I needed to be able to provide for my girls, so I completed a 12-month LPN program through Great Oaks Career Center.
I worked as an LPN in long-term care for 12 years, working the floor on every shift over the years. I was promoted through several positions- restorative, MDS, unit manager. Although I loved what I was doing, my heart still longed for that coveted RN behind my name. I decided it was time. I continued to work full time while I attended Kettering College of the Medical Arts to complete my dream! RN- CHECK!!
I had interactions with several different hospice companies, but none impressed me the way that HOMV did. I had always felt a calling to do hospice care throughout my nursing career; holding the patient’s hand for comfort, praying with or for them, and ensuring their end of life needs were met. When a friend brought an open position with HOMV to my attention, I decided to take the leap! I am so thankful that HOMV gave me the opportunity!
There is no better job satisfaction than easing the minds of patients and families, controlling the patient’s symptoms so they can rest, and the hugs from the patients and families. I just celebrated my 8th year with Hospice of the Miami Valley and couldn’t have chosen a better company to work for! I look forward to the next 8 years and more!”

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